Tips & hints

Here are some useful tools and information to get you started.

Register with our Solicitors

If you are not already registered, to receive updates with information regarding the settlement of customers' loans, including:

  • Paralegal handling the file and contact details
  • Confirmation that instructions have been received
  • Notification that documents have been sent and further document trackin
  • Confirmation that settlement has been booked, certified for and taken place

Simply email: with the following information:

  • Name & Broker Code
  • Company Name
  • Contact Person
  • Best Contact Number
  • Fax Number
  • Email Address

In addition, once registered ING accredited brokers will have the ability to view their customers' Letters of Offer online.

Once set up you can track deals via the Gadens website.

ING Loan Variations Online

In late 2013 ING transitioned to all simple variations being lodged online. Simple loan variations are single transaction requests that do not involve changes to borrower details or a security property. Simple variations are:

  • Product Switch
  • Product Split
  • Principal Increase

For complex variations which include a change of borrower or security property please continue to use the Residential Loan Variation Form.

Please note that simple loan variations that are submitted to ING by fax or mail will not be processed.

To assist you when lodging a simple variation, help cards and tutorials are available below:

Help cards:


First Home Buyer Info

You can select and print the latest FHOG form for each state below. Simply select the state where the property is located, print and complete the form, and send it in, along with supporting documents to:

GPO Box 4094
Sydney NSW 2001

Link to Office of State Revenue