Useful tools andinformationto get you started

Useful tools andinformationto get you started

Ordering Upfront Valuations Help card

We are pleased to advise that all ING accredited brokers now have the ability to order property valuations prior to submitting a new home loan or variation application to ING .

Refer to the Broker Reference Guide for steps on valuation ordering.

For any other assistance please contact your ING representative.

Save time and go online - ApplyOnline Supporting Documents

Simply follow the steps outlined in the Supporting Documents V3 Quick Reference Guide and upload your documents online.

If you're using the new redesigned layout of Supporting Documents, refer to the Supporting Documents V4 Quick Reference Guide.

ING Serviceability Calculator

Check out our new Serviceability Calculator.

Living Expenses Form

We've also created a Living Expenses Form that may assist you in calculating your customers living expenses.

Register with our Solicitors - Dentons

Dentons is an online portal that allows tracking of loan matters in real-time. Providing a user-friendly portal, Dentons Lend allows you to:

  • Monitor your portfolio of transactions
  • Communicate directly with the linked Dentons paralegal
  • Check for critical notification
  • Easily upload transaction documents

Simply email: with the subject:

Dentons Lend New User and the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your prefered email (this will be your user name)
  • Your company
  • Your aggregator
  • Your mobile phone number
  • Your postal address

To log in to Dentons Lend go to: and enter your User ID (your registered email address), your password and click the login button.

The following are useful information on how to navigate Dentons Lend:

1. Dentons Lend Handy Guide
2. Dentons Lend demonstration video
Access code: wTSW0gS$DX

DocuSign for Mortgage Documents

DocuSign for mortgage documents simplifies the settlement process for all new purchases and refinances, making the settlement process quicker, safer, and less prone to errors.

The following details the process for all new purchases and refinances:

  • Dentons will send an email to customers for all loan documents, including mortgages to be signed via Docusign or printed and wet signed and return
  • Allow all Mortgages in ACT, NSW, SA, VIC and QLD to be signed electronically using DocuSign. NB - Mortgages in WA, TAS & NT currently require a wet signature.
  • Allow most loan documents to be signed electronically using DocuSign. Some documents will still require a wet signature and will not be sent via Docusign, they will be emailed, these are:
  • o Loans with 3 or more borrowers

    o Loans with 4 or more loan splits

    o Loans involving guarantors

    o Powers of Attorney documents

For more information about DocuSign and electronic signatures, click here

ING Loan Variations Online

Simple loan variations that do not involve changes to borrower details or a security prperty can be done online. Simple variations such as:

  • Product Switch
  • Product Split
  • Principal Increase

For complex variations which include a change of borrower or security property please continue to use the Residential Loan Variation Form.

Please note that simple loan variations that are submitted to ING by fax or mail will not be processed.

To assist you when lodging a simple variation, help cards are available below:

Help cards:

First Home Buyer Info

You can select and print the latest FHOG form for each state below. Simply select the state where the property is located, print and complete the form, and send it in, along with supporting documents to:

GPO Box 4094
Sydney NSW 2001

Link to Office of State Revenue

Broker support
1300 656 226
Available Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 6pm (ESDT)

Emailing Supporting Documents